Harrison Burton 

John Findlay

“When I got into photography/cinematography 6 years ago, I had no idea it would turn into a career that absolutely challenges and fulfills me. Here I am, hundreds of weddings later and I still get a feeling of excitement and nerves before every wedding. It’s not every day you get to be a part of peoples lives in such an intimate and emotional way.  By the end of a wedding, it's amazing to feel like I have been friends with a couple their entire life. I have been known to tear up during a touching speech or slideshow. That’s what weddings do. They evoke emotions that are deep in each of us and I have the best job in the world because it’s my job to experience and capture those moments. Working with such a tall partner, I feel like a hobbit and yes I also edit in my PJ’s. If you can beat me at the original Super Mario cart, your wedding is free!”

"Some say obsession is a bad thing, but I am quite literally obsessed with wedding cinematography. I have been all in since day one. What started as a childhood hobby taking photos of my biggest catch every fishing season became something entirely different, very quickly. I obsessed over perfecting photography for many years and being a film buff naturally lead me to expand my horizons into the realm of video. I moved from the Halifax to Edmonton 6 years ago and met John. After a few years in the business, I made the move to Calgary to better service our mountain brides. The rest is history. When people ask what's new, I always have love stories to tell and show them. What's more exciting than that!? There's always something to improve and we focus relentlessly on raising the bar. Does this mean I wear a suit to work every day? No. You can often find me editing in my PJ's if I'm not filming or working out to balance the endless hours spent sitting. When it comes time to film your big day, I flip a switch and the magic begins!"