Stefanie + Scott - Silvertip Golf Resort

We met Stefanie and Scott in the spring at a boutique wedding market held here in Calgary. We hit it off with them right away and the fun started! John was their official videographer for their big day and I had the joy of capturing their love story just before their wedding day. It was incredible to watch them together and realize just how real their love is. You can view their cute love story below as well:

We capture many love stories and we get to know lot's of couples all with their unique quirky twist of affection for each other. Scott has this way of looking at Stefanie like she's the light of his life. It's amazing to see true love like the love they share and we're privileged to have been able to film their perfect wedding day in the rockies! Stay tuned for more love stories as we will try to keep you updated on our latest films and adventures.

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