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It is always an adventure each time we meet a new couple looking for the right cinematographer for their wedding day. I am amazed each and every time at how different love looks for each marriage. The love Jessica and Hayden share is almost infectious. They're so excited about life and each other that you can't help but smile seeing them together. We met Jessica initially at The Boutique Wedding Market here in Calgary in the spring of this year. She was full of energy and clearly very certain of what she expected and wanted for her day. It wasn't until we met them together over coffee that we knew capturing their love was going to be pure joy.

One of my favourite videos we produced this year was actually a small love story for Jessica and Hayden. They agreed to go for a hike on a stunning day with their puppy Jade in the mountains. I had been saving this particular spot for the right shoot. Grassi Lakes is a bit of a jaunt to reach, but the aqua tones and raw beauty are one of a kind. They toughed it out and it wasn't until the end of the hike that Jess admitted she had torn her calve muscle only days before the hike. You can't ask for clients like that. Truly nothing can stop these two.

You can view their love story which played at their wedding reception below:

Although I could not personally be there to film their wedding day as I had prior obligations for another wedding, my second team did a stellar job! I have spent weeks watching the footage from their day and dissecting it to compose the real story. I have to admit that I smiled the entire time I worked on this wedding film. The love that their family and friends have for them is unmatched and an absolute pleasure to watch. Please enjoy their wedding film below and share if you smiled too! :)

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