Tiffany + Scott - Fall Love

I met Tiffany almost two years ago at one of her best friends Lindsay's weddings. She watched me film Lindsay's morning preparations for only a few minutes before approaching me about capturing her own wedding day. From day 1 I knew she was a bride that knew exactly what she wanted. It's always a treat when we have brides that truly appreciate our work and approach to wedding videography

It's becoming a lot more popular to get married in the fall months of September and October. In fact we've seen a huge portion of our bookings move towards the fall months in pursuit of stunning fall colours. Tiffany's big day was Sept 17th, 2016. Every now and then a couple gets the perfect, temperature, colours and weather and they were one of them. It felt as if I could point my camera in any direction and get a jaw dropping shot.

I've taken a few still frames from their film of my favourite moments. You will see them sprinkled throughout this post. The one above was one of the prettiest moments. Tiffany had Scott make this beautiful tipi for their formal photos together and it created a wonderful setting amongst the trees. Crown Photography (, worked with us well to really pull some emotion and raw beauty out of these two during this part of the shoot. I always find it hilarious how hard some photographers and even videographers try to get their couples to do things they're not comfortable with. If you just step back and let them enjoy their time together, real magic starts to happen. That's when you get your shot! :)

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, Tiffany really knew what she wanted for her day. She didn't just know what she wanted, she also had incredible taste. Her choice in venue for her ceremony was amazing. Lions Garden, ( is still developing a name for itself but it is an unbelievable ceremony site. They do receptions as well which are also stunning, but the ceremony site steals the show. It is smack dab in the middle of a tree nursery a few hours east of Edmonton. I shot at Lions Garden a couple years ago and I couldn't wait to come back and use the grounds differently than I had prior to Tiffany's big day. The hanging dress on the gates shown above was one of those very deliberate and gorgeous shots I was after.

They say it's good luck if a ladybug lands on you. It's supposed to take another leap if one lands on you on your wedding day! There are a few different beliefs on this based on different cultures and religions. Apparently the number of spots on the ladybug is supposed to symbolize the number of months you will experience pure happiness following that day. Another belief is that when a lady bug lands on an object or person, that object or person is a new thing altogether. I noticed a lady bug on Tiffany's dress and I had to capture it as a memoir for these really interesting beliefs. I'd like to believe that Tiffany was forever changed in the best way possible on the day that she married the love of her life. :) Thank you little lady bug.

Scott has this very cool as a cucumber kind of of vibe to him. It felt as if nothing could upset him on their wedding day. Although he did start to sweat a little bit waiting for Tiffany to come down the isle! Without knowing Scott closely I could immediately see great qualities in him that were obviously the cornerstone of Tiffany's love for him. It's nice to see the groom smile as much as the bride. When these two are laughing together you can see the chemistry and passion they share. Couples like this are why I love what I do.

From myself and John we wish Tiffany and Scott nothing but the best in their married life together! :) Love really was in the air on their special day as they let go of their balloons and watched their former selves float away to become one together! xo ~ Harrison B.

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